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"The 100 Days
of Transformative
Action Program"

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"Only for the Serious"
In today's fast-paced world, workplace stress and the pressures of modern living have become increasingly prevalent, negatively impacting individual happiness, wellness, and productivity. Introducing the "The 100 Days of Transformative Action Program" - a comprehensive, easy-to-implement solution that will revitalize your organization, creating a stress-free and highly productive work environment.

Designed to improve the effectiveness of both key individuals and teams alike, our program focuses on employee well-being, reinforcing team dynamics, and fostering a supportive company culture. This ultimately leads to a happier and more prosperous workplace for all.

"The 100 Days of Transformative Action Program" provides a holistic, user-friendly approach to tackle the most urgent challenges faced by both employers and employees in today's demanding work environment. Our tailored programs not only alleviate employee stress and burnout but also promote enhanced teamwork and collaboration.

Consequently, organizations experience heightened employee satisfaction, increased retention, and a more innovative, productive workforce. 

Furthermore, the program offers content specifically applicable to:

-Effective Teams,
-Growth Mindset,
-Dealing with Difficult People,
-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,
-Corporate Wellness

Note: Supports any company's internal initiatives.

For a limited time, we present an exclusive package comprising a comprehensive individual assessment, a goal-specific 100-day action plan, and ongoing support through workshops, coaching sessions, and quarterly Mastermind meetings.

"The 100 Days of Transformative Action Program" 

• Comprehensive Individual Assessment
• Exploration Coaching Session
• Goal-Specific 100-Day Action Plan
• Weekly Coaching Sessions,
• 1 Quarterly Mastermind Meetings
• Content Delivered via App-Driven Program
• Online Resources and Networking Platform
• Text Support

Investment per participant $3600
(Team pricing available for 10 or more participants).  Contact us for details.

Don't miss out on this chance to create a happy and successful workplace for everyone. It's important for a business to keep growing and stay stable, and that's why we need resilient and loyal employees. Show them you care about their well-being, and they'll be happier and be more engaged.

When you join our program, you'll get additional benefits that will continue to help your organization for a long time. With "The 100 Days of Transformative Action Program," you'll make the workplace better and more productive, which will make employees happier and the company more successful.

Don't wait! Take this opportunity to make your team strong and make positive changes in your organization. Invest in your employees' well-being and see amazing results. Act now and see how our program can make a big difference!

Think Sales Team..
Beat Stress..
"Mend the Mindset" 

A Reframe for
Dealing with Tough Times.

To address the challenges of our current times and prepare for what is ahead, we offer a half-day performance improvement course called "Mend the Mindset! - A Necessary Reframe for The Tough Times Ahead."

This packed half-day workshop will provide participants with personal insights, practical tools, processes, and support to increase their performance and reduce stress.

Specifically, we will focus on helping individuals and teams reframe their mindset to overcome challenges and thrive in professional and personal  lives.

Course Outline:
-Identify and manage stress triggers
-Develop effective communication strategies with clients.
-Cultivate a growth mindset
-Reframe challenges as opportunities for growth
-Create a personalized action plan for ongoing success.

- 1 on1 confidential coaching sessions
- 12 month access to Mindset App
- Daily Mindset exercises
- Supporting Audio Book 
- 7 Weeks of Video Modules
- Text Support

Advanced Program Content 

Marketing Message:
Dear Company Owner or Team Leader,

We understand that your personnel are your greatest asset the front line to your customer, they  constantly face high-pressure situations and challenging conversations with clients, which can lead to stress and burnout.

Consider this: You are a company in the constantly changing real estate market , does the current climate stir uncertainty and anxiety for your team? Does this take their mind off the job?

Of Course!  - That's why we're excited to introduce our one-day performance improvement course, "Mend the Mindset! - A Necessary Reframe for The Tough Times Ahead."

This workshop offers practical tools, processes, and support to help your key personnel increase their performance and reduce stress.

Participants will learn to identify and manage stress triggers, develop effective communication strategies with clients, cultivate a growth mindset, and reframe challenges as opportunities for growth. Moreover, they will create a personalized action plan for ongoing success.

Investing in this course will not only benefit your employees, enhance the customer experience but also boost your company culture as a whole. By improving performance and reducing stress, your team will be better equipped to provide excellent customer service, retain clients, and increase revenue.

We look forward to partnering with you to create a culture of success and growth with

"Mend the Mindset, A Necessary Reframe forThe Tough Times Ahead" 

(Can be paired with additional modules and content as part of a growth or development initiative).

Price upon application:

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